The Best Fall Wedding Colors – For Flowers, Dresses, & Décor

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The Best Fall Wedding Colors – For Flowers, Dresses, & Décor

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So, you’re gearing up for an amazing fall wedding—and the time has finally come to choose your colors. 


At this point, even if you’ve already settled on a somewhat traditional autumn theme, you’ve probably figured out that ‘typical fall colors’ fall within a fairly wide spectrum of different color options. 

In other words—red, orange, yellow, and gold are pretty much the standard. 

But which ‘yellow’ should you choose? Which ‘red’ is the perfect red?

These are the tough questions—and as the bride-to-be, you’re likely going to be the one making the primary decisions about these things. 

This is a big job. But hey—that’s also part of the fun. 

So let’s dig into it and find a bit of creative inspiration to help bring your wedding-planning themes together with the absolute perfect shades of red, yellow, gold, and orange. 

Here are some examples of fall wedding colors that’ll work well for any Ozark autumn-themed wedding day—regardless of whether or not you’re going to go ‘traditional’ with it. 

1. Bold Autumn Reds

When it comes to choosing the perfect ‘red’ for your autumn-themed wedding decor, flowers, or bridesmaid dresses, it’s important to keep in mind that red will likely be the ‘boldest’ color choice in the palette. 

This isn’t a color that you’ll want to be bashful about. 

To put it bluntly—most people find that a ‘go big or go home’ mentality works best when it comes to choosing autumn reds. 

30 Something Urban Girl recommends bold, beautiful reds like lava red, cadmium red, or ruddy red. 

These reds cover a very ‘fall-esque’ spectrum that you’re sure to fall in love with. 

2. Fall Golds (And Yellows) That Are Fit For A Queen

Gold is an undeniably crucial color in any fall or autumn palette. And honestly—this color also blends right into yellows that’ll eventually fade into red—bringing it all together. 

Therefore, choosing the proper shades of gold and yellow are important factors when planning a fall wedding. has reported their opinion about the best shades of yellow and gold by sharing a list of Behr shades that they love. This list includes options like Amber Autumn, Corn Stalk, Saffron Strands, and Cellini Gold

And honestly, we really like their style. 

3. Orange Colors That Are Perfect For A Fall Wedding

Orange is an interesting color in the sense that different shades of it can really range across the board. 

But we found a nice color-scheme picker on

Personally, our favorite fall-orange color options were pumpkin, flame, and salamander

But with orange, it’s really mostly dependent upon which flowers you’re going to decorate with—and on what colors you plan to use for your bridesmaid dresses. 

For example—you can get some beautiful rose bouquets that’ll provide you with a subtle orange glow—and you can also match these elements to go along with your bridesmaid dresses (as well as with the rest of your decorations). 

Orange is the ‘transition color’ for fall decor. It’s the color that serves to bring the rest of your yellows, reds, and golds together for the ‘full color-spectrum effect.’ 


Hopefully, this post has helped to provide you with some inspiration that’ll help you to choose the very best fall wedding colors for your special day. 

Sometimes, choosing specific colors is tricky. 

It’s always a good idea to get a few different opinions and ideas, just to make sure you’re choosing the perfect colors for the wedding that you’ve envisioned. 

Of course, one of the best ways to put it all together is to get your ‘creative group’ together for input. 

Consider hosting a ‘color-picking’ party with your girlfriends, sisters, and mother to make firm choices about the color scheme. 

Remember—choosing colors is important. This will serve as the foundation upon which the rest of your decor will be built. 

So it really matters. 

You’ll want to knock this choice out of the park! 

If you need some extra help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by. 
We love planning weddings—and here at MK Bridal, it truly is all about the bride.