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When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding theme in December, there’s always a big question to be answered:

Should you choose a Christmas theme, or a winter theme? 

There’s a lot that goes into this decision. 

And while it may not seem like these are two distinctly different themes—there are actually a lot of different elements within them. 

For example—you may choose to use wreaths, snow-covered trees, pinecones, and candles in either of them. 

But Christmas will also include some additional elements that may or may not be on your ‘desired’ decoration list. 

This could include anything directly Christmas related—like Santa decorations, gingerbread houses, reindeer ornaments, nativity scenes—or even mistletoe. 

But how do you choose?

Admittedly—this can be a confusing choice. 

By choosing a ‘winter’ theme, you’re going to be choosing a theme that’s ‘mostly’ Christmas-like anyway. 

However, choosing a dedicated Christmas theme will also likely take you all the way to the point of using green and red as accent colors, decorating with specific Christmas-themed decorations, and bringing other holiday elements into the mix. 

Obviously, as the bride-to-be, you have the power to pick and choose which specific parts of the theme you want to be included in your wedding decor. 

But be advised that there are definitely a few different (and important) things to think about when making such a choice. 

1. You May Not Want To Box Yourself Into A Dedicated ‘Christmas’ Theme

Christmas themes are amazing. 

They tend to be beautiful, and they include a lot of magical holiday elements that really make them stand out. 

However—it’s also true that choosing a Christmas theme will open you up to some holiday elements that you may just not want to use. 

For example–very few brides actually want to incorporate a Santa into their wedding decor. 

It’s also true that choosing a ‘Christmas theme’ could give everyone else with any idea-crafting power in the months leading up to the ceremony the ability to inject their own idea of ‘Christmas style’ into the plans—and honestly, this is sometimes a step that’s just better to avoid. 

Of course, these things may not apply to you. 

You may love the idea of a Christmas theme, and getting a huge ‘idea drop’ from other people about how to plan the wedding from a Christmas perspective may not seem like much of an issue to you. 

In fact, you may actually want a Christmas-themed wedding—which leads to another point. 

2. Some Brides Specifically Want A Christmas Wedding—And Honestly, We Can’t Blame Them


It doesn’t get much more romantic than a candlelit Christmas wedding. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better time of the year to take wedding pictures than when there’s fresh snow on the ground, and when you have a beautiful ribbon-covered Christmas tree or cabin as a backdrop. 

And let’s be honest—who wouldn’t want to incorporate some mistletoe into the equation as well?

Frankly, there are all kinds of awesome reasons to consider planning a Christmas-themed wedding, as opposed to just a ‘winter’ theme. 

And if you find yourself drawn to this idea, more power to you. 

Remember that this is your special day. 

And as a bride, you have probably nearly unlimited power in making whatever choices are necessary to help you 

The Best Idea Is To Always Follow Your Instincts (And Your Heart)

Here’s the thing. 

You likely instinctively already know whether or not you really want a Christmas-themed wedding. 

You may be looking to other people for approval, and/or you may be afraid that other people won’t like it. 

Hey, we get it—there’s a little ‘people pleaser’ in all of us. 

But always remember to follow your instincts and your heart when planning your wedding. 

Trusting yourself to make decisions based on what you truly want has never led a bride astray yet. 

Oh—and don’t forget to come on in to talk about the dress well in advance, as it’ll be crucial to get it on order sooner rather than later for the next Christmas season. 

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! 

From all of us here at MK Bridal—Merry Christmas.