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One of the first decisions that you’ll need to make when planning a wedding is to choose the date.

And for weddings slated to fall at some point toward the beginning of the year, an obvious question will arise:

Should you get married on Valentine’s Day?

On one hand, there are a number of obvious advantages to such an idea. 

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. It’s literally a holiday based on the concepts of love, romance, flowers, the giving and receiving of gifts, etc. 

However, there are also some downsides to getting married on this most ‘romantic’ of days—and they can tend to make even the bravest wedding planners pause in consideration. 

  • Is it tacky?
  • Is it ‘overdone?’ 
  • Will your guests struggle to be able to RSVP to such an important event on a holiday that they’ve probably already made their own plans for?

These are some fairly obvious pros and cons. 

But the truth of the matter is that this is actually a pretty simple question to answer. 

So let’s do a deep dive and talk a little bit more about the specifics.

The Upsides To A Valentine’s Day Wedding 

There are some obvious upsides to scheduling your special day on February 14th.

First of all, Valentine’s Day is themed almost entirely around the concepts of love and romance

Even from an aesthetic perspective, the decorations for the holiday tend to fall really closely in line with the types of decorations you’d want at a beautiful wedding. 

Think reds and whites, ornate flower arrangements, hearts, etc. 

To be quite honest, there are few holidays that can give you as many beautiful built-in aesthetic benefits and themes for your wedding as Valentine’s Day.

Imagine large bouquets of white and red roses, beautiful floral wreaths adorned with red and white ribbons, and a flowing white wedding dress—trimmed with an exquisite red bow.

Imagine how much fun it would be to try on your gorgeous wedding gown with your friends and bridal party—choosing the absolute perfect dress to go along with all of those Pinterest pins, plans, cut-outs, and magazine clippings you’ve saved up to plan for this once-in-a-lifetime event—all while also knowing that your special day is going to fall directly on the most romantic day of the year! 

These are just a few examples of how a Valentines-themed wedding can be spectacular, and really help to build up anticipation to make the event as special as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Plus, on another note, getting married on February 14th will also have an added benefit for your man—he’ll never be able to forget your wedding anniversary!   

The Downsides Of A Valentine’s Day Wedding 

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the upsides, let’s also (in fairness) explore some of the downsides of making February 14th (or the weekend of it) your official wedding day. 

First off, some people may see it as being a bit tacky. 

However, it’s also true that proper planning and foresight can help to offset this risk.

Yes, designing a wedding theme based poorly around little Cupids and hearts could very well be written off as ‘less than traditionally tasteful.’ 

But there are also plenty of ways to portray the Valentine’s Day aesthetic while also keeping the overarching themes of your wedding classy and traditional. 

Secondly, Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday.

In fact, it’s so popular that some people worry that choosing it for a wedding date may actually prevent some people from being able to attend. 

It is, after all, a very widely celebrated mainstream holiday. 

There may be couples among your guest list who have already booked getaways or vacations over the Valentine’s Day weekend, who would thus be unable to make it to your special day as a result. 

There are also likely numerous other events (both local and abroad) that could even threaten to pull valued members of your wedding party in various different directions. 

In other words, date conflicts can arise.

Keep in mind though, that for the most part, if you give people plenty of notice, a wedding is easy to plan around. 

And honestly, that’s really the key. 

Let your potential guests know far enough in advance that they can make their own plans while still keeping your wedding on their calendar. 

Weddings are happy occasions. 

They represent the most monumental manifestation of love that humans are capable of—coming together in wedded matrimony to begin a new life and a brand new family.

And in regards to whether or not to schedule this blessed day on V-day—well, we’ll tell you the same thing we tell everyone.

When you’re tempted to fear that your wedding may conflict with other people’s plans, it’s also fair to remind yourself that weddings, by and large, are extremely important events to most people—and your wedding will be especially important to your friends, loved-ones, and family members. 

Therefore, you’re really only likely to run into scheduling conflicts if you try to schedule a Valentine’s Day wedding without enough advance notice.

In Conclusion

There are some obvious upsides and downsides to a Valentine’s Day wedding.

However, we’ve always been firm believers in the idea that the downsides can definitely be overcome with a few simple proactive measures. 

  • Firstly, make sure that your decor is aesthetically on point by minimizing some of the ‘tackier’ Valentine’s Day elements in favor of more traditional decor choices. 
  • And secondly, as long as you give your friends and loved ones enough advance notice to plan around it, scheduling really shouldn’t be a problem. 

In other words, we believe that Valentine’s Day is an amazing day for a wedding!

If you need some help planning it, please stop by to toss around your ideas. We’d love to hear them and help you out with the process.

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There’s nothing as amazing as a beautiful winter wedding. 

But here’s the thing. 

A wedding needs a theme, so that you can decorate it, plan it, and orchestrate it well. 

And choosing a theme isn’t always easy. 

So today, we’re going to look at 7 of our absolute favorite winter wedding themes that work especially well here in the Ozarks. 

If you’re busy planning your big day and need a bit of inspiration to get you to the next stage of the process—we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s dive in and explore it. 

7 Beautiful Ozark-Friendly Winter Wedding Themes

1. A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas is obviously a popular winter wedding theme, and for good reason. 

The decorations (usually white, green, red, and gold) are universally enjoyed and appreciated. 

Plus, you can make this type of wedding work almost anywhere. 

You could have it at a Church, at an event center, right at home in front of the family tree, etc. 

And since Christmas decorations are abundant in the winter, finding the perfect decor (and a wide variety of options to choose from) generally isn’t an issue. 

2. Pure Winter 

We love this winter wedding theme because it goes all-in on one particular aspect of the winter season—the snow

Decorations for this type of wedding generally include snowflakes, white candles, white ‘snow-globe’ type string lights—pretty much anything that’ll make your venue look like a veritable winter wonderland. 

With this theme, you’ll usually go with an all-white, traditional or modern dress style. 

The only thing that’ll contrast this will generally be his all-black tuxedo. 

We find that this looks beautiful!  

3. Rustic Farm

One thing about the Ozarks is that many of us grew up on the farm—and so, throwing back to those origins with this decor style can be an amazing way to tie the memorable past and tradition to the budding hope of new love and a bright future. 

Decorations for this one can be very individualistic. 

You may want to wear non-traditional clothing (think plaids or denim, with a prairie-core dress, or possibly even a simple traditional sundress-styled wedding dress instead of the usual gown), and you may want to ‘winterize’ the theme by decorating the inside of your family barn and putting down a dance-floor. 

4. A Winter Fairy Tale

Everyone loves fairy tales. 

And when it comes to winter wedding themes, this dreamy theme can really stand out as being unique. 

Consider choosing one popular fairy tale, and using elements of it to inspire the gown and decor. 

For example—a little red riding hood theme may call for a beautiful, flowing red gown as opposed to the traditional ‘white’ dress. 

Yes, it’s daring. But sometimes, this is exactly what the situation calls for! 

5. Fireside Glow

One decor element that often runs side-by-side with the traditional winter theme is the theme of a crackling, sparkling fireplace and the soft glow of candlelight

You may want to consider pursuing this direction for your wedding by first seeking out a venue with a beautiful fireplace. 

You can double down by decorating with enough candles to turn the entire event into a beautiful golden glow. 

If you’re worried about a fire hazard—just go for electronic candles. They look super real, but are also completely safe. 

6. Back To The Classics

For this wedding theme, consider getting a classic car to drive away in. You can also shop for wedding dresses that throw back to those ‘classic’ looks of the 1920s or 30s (think Great Gatsby era). 

You can even style your hair and decorate in these themes. 

This isn’t necessarily a decor style that most people are going to choose over more traditional options. But it’s really unique—and if you have a love for the classic themes of yesteryear, this may very well be the best way to go. 

7. Winter Traditional

Never underestimate the power of the traditional winter wedding

A modern or contemporary gown, tuxedos, white and red flowers, and plenty of beautiful lighting can really set a warm mood for a ceremony in this otherwise cold and dreary time of the year. 

Throw in some beautiful music, and perhaps some slightly modified wedding vows—and you may just find exactly the type of ‘vibe’ you’ve always hoped for for such an important occasion. 

In Conclusion

There you have it. 

7 of the most beautiful winter wedding themes that would tend to work wonderfully right here in the Ozarks. 

Of course, the only thing left to do now is to pick one out and start planning. 

Need some help? Make sure to stop by and check out our in-depth store of resources to help you get started on the right foot. 

We may be biased, but we love weddings! And we’d love to help you plan yours. 

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Shopping for your bridal gown can be one of the most exciting days of your life!  Unfortunately, there can be factors that can also make it the most stressful. We’ve put together some tips to take that stress away!

*Give yourself plenty of time.  While many retailers do sell off the rack, you may not always find the size and/or color you need.   Each designer will have their own ship dates and can most often vary between 8-20 weeks.  Then you need to factor in alterations.  Our seamstress likes to start 6-8 weeks before the wedding.  With that being said, if your wedding is within a shorter time frame, don’t hesitate to contact local bridal stores and find out if they sell off the rack.  At MK, we definitely sell a lot of gowns off the rack and our seamstress offers rush service if needed. *Set a budget (with a little wiggle room).  No one likes to talk about money.  But when it comes to bridal gown shopping, knowing your budget before you shop is a great start.  Discuss your budget with anyone who may be either helping you purchase your gown, or completely covering the cost before you begin to shop, to avoid any uncomfortable conversations in the bridal store.

*Have an open mind.  You should definitely take advantage of all of the sites at your fingertips for bridal ideas – local retail sites, pinterest, blogs, etc… but be willing to try something a little out of the box when you are shopping.  We have seen so many brides fall in love with a gown they would have never imagined themselves in.

*Choose your shoppers wisely.  This is really one of the best tips we can offer.  From experience, we suggest no more than 4-5 guests when shopping for your gown.  Consider who knows you best and understands your desires for your wedding.  You don’t want your opinion to be lost in a sea of others.  And, remember, ultimately the decision is yours.  If you feel beautiful in your gown, you ARE beautiful in your gown.

*The last thing to do now is schedule your appointment at MK Bridal!  You may do so on our website or give us a call at 417-883-7774.  We can’t wait to meet you and help you choose the bridal gown of your dreams!