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Welcome to our series on wedding destinations. First stop: Las Vegas, baby! Be sure to watch for the companion piece on our Karl’s Tuxedos website later this month.

Las Vegas is about as well known as a city can be—even for the people who’ve never visited it. Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and is famous for its beautiful buildings, massive casinos, vibrant nightlight scene, and thriving entertainment industry. 

Its iconic skyline is outlined by the shapes of large, extravagant hotels and resorts—many of which resemble famous landmarks from around the world. 

Millions of tourists flock to the city each year to gamble, watch shows, and take in the exciting nightlife. But it’s also well known as a favorite spot for destination weddings. 

In fact, it’s commonly referred to as the marriage capital of the world, mostly because it’s so easy to acquire a marriage license there, and because you can (in theory) get married in Vegas for a fraction of what it could cost you at other popular wedding destinations. 

Las Vegas: An Overview

Las Vegas is an amazing place for a destination wedding—mainly because it has a little bit of something to offer everyone. 

Obviously, opportunities for pre-wedding celebrations and parties abound. There are more nightclubs, VIP lounges, and entertainment opportunities than a bridal party could ever enjoy in a single visit (even an extended one). 

There are also plenty of options for places to hold the wedding itself. And yes—we’ve all heard of the ‘drive-through’ wedding venues in Vegas—but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about actual, legitimate places for destination weddings. 

Best Places In Las Vegas For Destination Weddings

There are dozens of resorts in Las Vegas that make excellent wedding venues. And the great thing about these types of resorts is that you can house your entire ensemble here without ever needing to leave (except to have fun and enjoy yourselves for a night out on the town). 

Wynn Las Vegas is one example of such a resort. They boast 260,000 square feet of event space, ranging from romantic gardens to grand ballrooms. 

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One interesting thing about Vegas is that you can truly always find a venue that matches your style, even if what you’re looking for isn’t the type of ‘venue style’ you’d expect to see in a place like Vegas. 

Once you start looking around, you’ll realize that Vegas is actually a premier upscale wedding destination for a reason. 

What Should You Wear?

Another great thing about Las Vegas is that there are tons of options for style. 

Whether you want something elegant, something ‘classic,’ something traditional, or something more contemporary—the only thing to really keep in mind is that you want to love your dress. 

That also means that you’ll want to love the overall theme of your wedding and how the dress fits into it. 

If you’re planning a destination wedding, make sure to either call or stop by MK Bridal here in Springfield, MO, so that we can help you fit and find the absolute best, most perfect dress for your special day. 

You’ll definitely want to source your dress at our shop here—to make sure that it’s amazing well before you ever depart for Las Vegas for the wedding. 

Popular Themes To Consider

If Las Vegas has a (well-deserved) reputation as the wedding destination capital of the world, that’s partly due to the insane number of popular wedding themes to consider.

Now, some of these could be considered silly, and some are specifically niched. Elvis, ancient Egyptian, 50s and 60s, Intergalactic, and James Bond wedding themes are all available. 

But the thing about Las Vegas is that you can also plan your destination wedding around any theme you want—and here’s why. 

Because with so many venues to choose from, it will be easy to establish your theme and find the perfect room and vibe to match the energy you want to create for your big day. 

So the power truly rests in your hands when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding theme in Las Vegas. 


There you have it. 

Everything you need to know to get started on the path to planning the perfect destination wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Hey—just because you live here in the Ozarks doesn’t mean that you can’t travel abroad and enjoy the world. 

And holding a destination wedding for your special day may be the perfect way to make your wedding day as memorable as possible.