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If you’ve either attended or taken part in a significant number of weddings in your life, then you’ve probably become aware of the fact that June is a very popular wedding month. 

Now, contrary to popular belief, June actually isn’t the most popular month to get married in.

According to the Dallas Oasis, the most popular month for weddings is actually September—which is followed by June for second place—and then comes October, which takes the third spot. 

But we’ve all heard the sound bites. 

June is the best month for weddings. 

But why? 

Well, in this post, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore. 

Let’s dive into the mystery and ask the all-important question. 

Why is June such a popular month for weddings? 

1. Examining The Origins Of The Word ‘June’ 

At first glance, we need to take the name of the month into account. 

There’s actually a lot of superstition surrounding the month of June and its relationship to love, romance, fertility, and marriage. 

The name June, in fact, is derived from the name of the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno

In Roman times, families had a firm belief that when a couple got married in the month of June, the goddess of marriage would bless their marriage with happiness forever. 

So as you can see, this isn’t necessarily a modern phenomenon. The practice of associating June with blessed wedded matrimony dates back at least as far as the ancient Roman Empire. 

But that’s just the first clue. 

2. Health, Wellness, And Sanitation

Now, let’s fast-forward through time a bit to examine life during the middle ages in Europe.

Here, we find another reason for why June may be associated with weddings, even to this day.

Back then, bathing happened much less frequently than it does in our convenient modern-day culture. 

And this was especially true during the winter. 

Back then, since it was so cold in the winter and so difficult to keep a living environment warm (and since it took so much time, effort, and energy to warm enough water for a decent bath), people rarely bathed during the winter months.

But bathing was much more commonplace during the summer months, with June really being right in the middle of the summer season.

In fact, among the poorer common folk, it was often standard practice for people to only take one bath the entire year—and June would have been the ideal month for it! 

Thus, we can see how getting married in June was perhaps the cleanest and freshest time to do so—because everyone would have likely had the opportunity to bathe in preparation.

And so, for health, wellness, and overall sanitary reasons, this would have made June an ideal time of the year to celebrate wedded matrimony.

3. Family Planning

Another reason for why June has likely become so closely associated with weddings, even in our modern western culture, is due to the practicality of family planning and how it relates to the wedding ceremony. 

For example, if a bride got married in June, and then became pregnant with her first baby soon after—that baby would go on to be born sometime in the spring. 

And there would have been a myriad of benefits to such a timeline in terms of family planning, safety, and survivability. 

For many reasons, spring would have been an ideal time for the birth of a baby. This was especially true 200 to 300 years ago, before our society possessed many of the modern technologies and conveniences that we enjoy today. 

In the spring, the weather is milder. Thus, there’s less danger of harsh, cold weather negatively affecting the baby’s health and development.

Plus, with harvest time right around the corner in the fall, this really sets the child up for the greatest potential odds for health, wellness, and survival during the early stages of life. 

And so, we can see that even dating back just a few hundred years, there’s a very practical application for associating June with being a great time for marriage and starting a family. 


Hopefully, you found this post interesting. 

History is always fascinating to explore! 

And it’s obvious that the tradition of the ‘June wedding’ is steeped deeply in history, tradition, folklore, and even superstition. 

Are you thinking about planning your own June wedding?

If so, make sure to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you get a head-start on the wedding planning process!