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According to Martha Stewart, the boho wedding style incorporates an ‘eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design.’

But to be honest, the concept really goes deeper than just the decor. 

As perfectly summarized by, boho isn’t just visual. It’s actually an entirely different way to think about and conceptualize your wedding. 

It’s a way of thinking that empowers you to incorporate more free-spirited, hippie, and bohemian influences into your special day. Some of these influences could include natural decor, earthy tones, a free-spirited lifestyle, and doubling down on an artistic expression of the self. 

Now, with all of that being said—you’re still probably left with the question:

“Well, how do I do it?”

This is really the most important question. 

Let’s talk about 5 tips that you can use to start incorporating more boho themes into your wedding. 

1. Weave Boho Elements Into Your Invitations

Choosing creative and artistic boho elements for your invitations and ‘save-the-dates’ is an awesome way to let people know ahead of time exactly what your theme is going to be. 

Check out this Pinterest page to get some awesome ideas for bohemian-styled invitations that you can use as inspiration for your own wedding invites. 

2. Use Boho Elements For Signs And Banners

When designing signs and banners for your wedding, you can really give them a boho style by making sure that you choose the proper colors. You’ll want to use ‘vintage’ colors, like light pink, orange-reds, off-whites, darker reds, etc. 

Plus, you can incorporate more laid-back fonts for the wording. With boho-styled decor, the fonts for wording are usually simple, basic, and chill. So, you’ll want to choose a ‘relaxed’ font as opposed to something bold or dominant

3. Use Boho Themes For Your Backdrops

One really cool design feature that a lot of boho weddings utilize is wild floral arrangements arranged on some kind of stand. 

For example—you could incorporate some kind of arch or square tubing backdrop, and then attach a large, flowing floral arrangement to the corner of the archway. 

(We’ll talk more about how to make your floral arrangements fit into the ‘boho theme’ in a moment.)

4. Of Course—You Can Also Choose A Boho Wedding Dress Style

Boho wedding dresses are really meant to embody a ‘carefree’ spirit. They’re also supposed to look effortless, unfussy, and unadorned. 

One hallmark sign of a boho wedding dress is that the silhouette will often be plain and lifelike. In other words, they won’t contain many frills or ‘extra adornments.’ 

With boho, you always want to keep things simple, minimalistic, and plain. 

Frilly lace and overly luxurious designs actually take away from the boho style. Think ‘less is more’ to get a better sense of what a boho dress might look like. 

If you need some help with this, by the way, you can check out our extensive college of wedding dress options—to see if we have something that strikes a chord. 

5. Finally – You Can Weave Boho Elements Into Your Floral And Tabletop Arrangements

Boho floral arrangements will make use of different types of flowers and other arrangement elements to create that traditional ‘boho’ style look. Some different types of elements used in such floral arrangements include:

  • Sahara roses
  • Golden mustard roses
  • Brown lisianthus
  • Terracotta carnations
  • Peach ranunculus 
  • Springs of olive branch
  • Gunni and baby eucalyptus
  • Pink ice protea

As you can tell, this is a pretty eclectic sampling of flowers—and for good reason! You can also include bunches of feathered and dried ‘grass’ type bundles to help break up the floral elements and really set the design apart.

Need a hand with floral wedding arrangements? Contact our sister company, Linda’s Flowers, for help! 


Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand how you can achieve the optimal ‘boho’ style wedding, relatively easily, with just a few minor ‘shifts’ in your decoration plans. 

Boho weddings are lovely, and we love them!

With that being said, please feel free to stop by or give us a call whenever you’re ready to start planning your special day. 

We’d love to help you find the perfect boho dress for the occasion!