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Welcome to our series on wedding destinations. This month: the Rocky Mountains! Be sure to watch for the companion piece on our Karl’s Tuxedos website later this month.

If you’re considering a destination wedding in the spring, there are very few locations in the world that’ll provide you with the same type of magic and wonder as the Rocky Mountains. 

We’re talking about destinations like Vail, Aspen, Boulder, Estes Park—any of them, and more. 

If you want a stunning and unique location to exchange your vows, this may be a perfect idea.

The Rocky Mountains are characterized by their majestic peaks, crystal-clear lakes, breathtaking views, and incredible skyline scenery. 

Plus, with so many beautiful venues located in and around the Rocky Mountain Range, you’ll get to choose from some awesome options for the ceremony. 

From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, you’ll find destination wedding venue options to suit any style in the Rocky Mountains.  

And in this article, we’re going to explore a few of the best reasons to consider making the Rocky Mountains, in all of their wondrous glory, your primary choice for a romantic, adventurous, and unforgettable wedding experience. 

The Rocky Mountains: An Overview

Visiting the Rocky Mountains is really unlike anything else in the world. These incredible mountains span over 3,000 miles from Canada to New Mexico, and offer a diverse range of landscapes—from snow-capped peaks and lush forests, to beautiful crystal-clear lakes and rushing rivers. 

In the spring, the mountain fields come alive with floral splendour. Further up in elevation are acres of pines and other evergreens, while the snowy mountaintops rise above all the rest. If you’re looking for truly striking wedding photos, you can’t go wrong with ‘Springtime in the Rockies’!

Best Places In The Rocky Mountains For Destination Weddings

So, there are a number of amazing cities, venues, and locations that would be perfect for a Rocky Mountain wedding. 

You can view a great list here. But just to give you a few ideas:

  • Copper Mountain Resort in Frisco, Co.
  • Aspen Meadows Resort in Aspen, Co. 
  • Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa in Tabernash, Co. 
  • Elk Camp in Snowmass Village, Co.
  • Viceroy Snowmass in Snowmass Village, Co.
  • Garden of the Gods Resort and Club in Colorado Springs, Co. 

You’ll notice that a lot of these locations are in Colorado. Well, there’s a reason for that. Colorado really serves as one of the best places to experience the Rocky Mountains in true beautiful natural wonder, luxury, and comfort. 

It’s also home to a majority of the tallest Rocky Mountain peaks! 

Thus, there are a lot of awesome venues there. 

What Should You Wear?

Obviously, you’re going to need to plan out your wedding dress far in advance—especially if you plan to travel from the Ozarks all the way to the Rocky Mountains for your big day. 

To get fitted and order the perfect dress for your wedding, just can stop in or call us. We can walk you through the entire process.  

But aside from your wedding dress, you’ll also need to consider what types of activities you’ll plan to engage in while away, and what types of clothing you’ll need in order to make the most of every opportunity for adventure. 

Here’s a pretty standard list of items to consider bringing with you if you plan to experience the Rocky Mountains in their true, awesome glory:

  • A sturdy pair of hiking boots
  • A rain jacket
  • Several clothing layers (for warm to cold weather)
  • A day pack with a hydration container
  • Some snacks and food for fuel
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Plastic bags for trash and debris
  • Some semi-formal clothing for dinners and pre-wedding events
  • A bathing suit
  • Some flip flops
  • A pair of tennis shoes
  • Snow pants, snow boots, and a water-resistant coat (for skiing and weathering cold weather)

Popular Themes To Consider In The Rocky Mountains

Ski lodge-themed weddings are extremely popular in the Rocky Mountains. 

These types of weddings are generally characterized by themes like old-fashioned, traditional, and rustic. And yet, they carry a strong dose of elegance and luxury due to the beauty of the ski lodge venue. 

But you can also hold modern weddings, outdoor weddings, traditional weddings, and even luxurious weddings at venues located in and around the Rocky Mountains. 

Some people choose ranches for their wedding venues, and that also goes along with the Rocky Mountain theme. 

So that’s a great thing to consider as well. 


There you have it. 

Everything you need to know about destination weddings in the Rocky Mountains. 

Equipped with this information, you should be ready to schedule your Rocky Mountain destination wedding with ease. 

Let us know if you need any help!

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Welcome to our series on wedding destinations. This month: Hawaii! Be sure to watch for the companion piece on our Karl’s Tuxedos website later this month.

Congratulations! As a bride-to-be, planning the wedding of your dreams is likely going to be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of your life.

And if you’re considering planning a destination wedding to Hawaii—well, then those excitement levels are probably going to be juiced-up to max level. 

Hawaii (or to use its proper spelling, Hawai’i) is an amazing place to consider for a destination wedding. 

It really gives you everything a bride could ever want for the perfect wedding celebration:

  • Beautiful, breathtaking landscapes
  • A warm climate
  • An amazing and unique culture
  • And plenty of venues to choose from to find the perfect spot for your ‘perfect day’

Whether you’re looking to say “I do” in the great outdoors, on a warm, sandy, tropical beach, or just want to experience the thrill of the Hawaiian islands before and after getting married in a traditional indoor venue—Hawaii is actually an awesome wedding destination spot for a lot of different reasons. 

And in this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the most important aspects of the planning process to think about from the bride’s perspective. 

You know us. Here at MK Bridal, it’s always about the bride. 

So let’s break it down and talk about the ins and outs of a Hawaiian destination wedding.  

Hawaii: An Overview

Hawaii is considered an outstanding location for a destination wedding, for a few different reasons. 

First off, the weather tends to be gorgeous year around. Hawaii is also home to some of the best, world-class beaches in existence. 

Interestingly, Hawaii is also known for its beautiful, dramatic sunsets—which, ironically, are very romantic and perfect for wedding photographs. 

And of course, you’ve got all of the exotic stuff that you’d expect from a tropical location like the Aloha State. You’ve also got swaying palm trees, plumeria-scented air, and world-class resorts to consider as bonuses. 

Traveling to Hawaii may not be the cheapest option for a destination wedding. But it is one of the best and most beautiful. 

Best Places In Hawaii For Destination Weddings

There are a number of incredible wedding venues to choose from in Hawaii—so many that it would be difficult to list them all in just one article. 

Here’s a fantastic resource of 10 of the top wedding locations in the state, just to get you started on your search. 

It contains destinations like the Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens, Puakea Ranch, Kuhahiko Estate, Haiku Mill, and more. 

What Should You Wear To A Destination Wedding In Hawaii?

Obviously—it goes without saying that you’re going to need an amazing wedding gown. 

You could opt for something to go along with the tropical vibe of the islands. Or, you could choose something more traditional. 

We can definitely help you set this up. In fact, it’s always better to get fitted, and to get the dress ordered, months before your wedding is supposed to take place. 


Because you definitely don’t want to run late on your dress, especially when traveling. 

But aside from the dress—you should also pack with the warm, humid climate in mind. You’ll want to bring some beach attire, some lightweight casual wear, some comfortable shoes, a few pieces of formal attire for parties and receptions—and some rain gear (for those infamous Hawaiian rainstorms). 

Popular Hawaiian Wedding Themes To Consider

Obviously, you can always opt for a theme that’s a bit more traditional in nature. But if you’re planning to make your ‘special day’ in Hawaii as memorable as possible, you should at least consider the possibility of a themed wedding. 

Some of the most common Hawaiian wedding themes include:

  • Beach weddings
  • Tropical weddings
  • Hawaiian culture weddings (for couples who have an ancestry that can be traced back to the islands)
  • Garden weddings
  • Nautical weddings


Now you know everything required to start planning out your own Hawaiian destination wedding. 

Hey, your wedding is going to be special no matter where it takes place. 

But Hawaii is pretty amazing. 

So it might be worth it to at least check it out and consider it a possibility.

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Welcome to our series on wedding destinations. First stop: Las Vegas, baby! Be sure to watch for the companion piece on our Karl’s Tuxedos website later this month.

Las Vegas is about as well known as a city can be—even for the people who’ve never visited it. Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and is famous for its beautiful buildings, massive casinos, vibrant nightlight scene, and thriving entertainment industry. 

Its iconic skyline is outlined by the shapes of large, extravagant hotels and resorts—many of which resemble famous landmarks from around the world. 

Millions of tourists flock to the city each year to gamble, watch shows, and take in the exciting nightlife. But it’s also well known as a favorite spot for destination weddings. 

In fact, it’s commonly referred to as the marriage capital of the world, mostly because it’s so easy to acquire a marriage license there, and because you can (in theory) get married in Vegas for a fraction of what it could cost you at other popular wedding destinations. 

Las Vegas: An Overview

Las Vegas is an amazing place for a destination wedding—mainly because it has a little bit of something to offer everyone. 

Obviously, opportunities for pre-wedding celebrations and parties abound. There are more nightclubs, VIP lounges, and entertainment opportunities than a bridal party could ever enjoy in a single visit (even an extended one). 

There are also plenty of options for places to hold the wedding itself. And yes—we’ve all heard of the ‘drive-through’ wedding venues in Vegas—but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about actual, legitimate places for destination weddings. 

Best Places In Las Vegas For Destination Weddings

There are dozens of resorts in Las Vegas that make excellent wedding venues. And the great thing about these types of resorts is that you can house your entire ensemble here without ever needing to leave (except to have fun and enjoy yourselves for a night out on the town). 

Wynn Las Vegas is one example of such a resort. They boast 260,000 square feet of event space, ranging from romantic gardens to grand ballrooms. 

Need some additional Las Vegas wedding venue ideas? Check out this blog post

One interesting thing about Vegas is that you can truly always find a venue that matches your style, even if what you’re looking for isn’t the type of ‘venue style’ you’d expect to see in a place like Vegas. 

Once you start looking around, you’ll realize that Vegas is actually a premier upscale wedding destination for a reason. 

What Should You Wear?

Another great thing about Las Vegas is that there are tons of options for style. 

Whether you want something elegant, something ‘classic,’ something traditional, or something more contemporary—the only thing to really keep in mind is that you want to love your dress. 

That also means that you’ll want to love the overall theme of your wedding and how the dress fits into it. 

If you’re planning a destination wedding, make sure to either call or stop by MK Bridal here in Springfield, MO, so that we can help you fit and find the absolute best, most perfect dress for your special day. 

You’ll definitely want to source your dress at our shop here—to make sure that it’s amazing well before you ever depart for Las Vegas for the wedding. 

Popular Themes To Consider

If Las Vegas has a (well-deserved) reputation as the wedding destination capital of the world, that’s partly due to the insane number of popular wedding themes to consider.

Now, some of these could be considered silly, and some are specifically niched. Elvis, ancient Egyptian, 50s and 60s, Intergalactic, and James Bond wedding themes are all available. 

But the thing about Las Vegas is that you can also plan your destination wedding around any theme you want—and here’s why. 

Because with so many venues to choose from, it will be easy to establish your theme and find the perfect room and vibe to match the energy you want to create for your big day. 

So the power truly rests in your hands when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding theme in Las Vegas. 


There you have it. 

Everything you need to know to get started on the path to planning the perfect destination wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Hey—just because you live here in the Ozarks doesn’t mean that you can’t travel abroad and enjoy the world. 

And holding a destination wedding for your special day may be the perfect way to make your wedding day as memorable as possible.