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One very common denominator among Springfieldians is that they tend to be extremely down-to-earth. 

And in places like Springfield, which is planted firmly in the middle of a wide, expansive, rural southern Missouri countryside—there are a lot of people who would probably feel more comfortable in a casual outfit than in something ‘stuffy’ and ‘formal.’

And sometimes, this plays out at formal events.

For example, it’s definitely not outside the realm of ‘normal’ to see a groom wearing a pair of jeans with a nice blazer at a less ‘buttoned down,’ more casual, wedding affair.

Now, to a point, this is super understandable.

We all like to be comfortable in the clothes we enjoy wearing most. 

And to a point, this is even understandable on a wedding day.

However—as a bride getting ready to plan out your big day, you may very well have a groom who’s pushing back a little bit on the idea of wearing a traditional tuxedo. 

In fact, you may even find yourself asking:

“Is a tuxedo really that important? If he feels more comfortable in jeans, shouldn’t he just go that route?”

These are great questions. 

However, there are also many compelling and powerful reasons for why you may want to reconsider this wardrobe choice, and raise the vote for him to officially don a tuxedo instead.

Here are 5 of them.

1. Jeans Aren’t As Formal

A wedding is a formal occasion.

In fact, it could be said that there are few occasions that live up to the importance of the formality of this specific event. 

This isn’t just a relationship ceremony.

It’s also a legally binding matrimonial ceremony—a sacred event that represents the joining of two families together to become one.

As such, it deserves a truly formal attention to wardrobe detail.

2. One Day, You’ll Look Back On It And Wish He Had

Even though you may not feel like the tuxedo vs. jeans issue is a big issue right now—you may feel differently when you look back on the event in the future.

Here’s the thing about little compromises…

When we make them in regards to our wedding, we tend to look back, shake our heads, and think:

“Why did we do that?”

To a point, this is just a fact of life—and could even potentially add a memorable (if a bit comical) element to your future wedding memories.

However, it’s always a good idea to consider the idea of romance as well. 

And the simple truth of the matter is that a tuxedo is definitely a more romantic touch than a pair of jeans.

3. This Is An Occasion That’ll Live Forever In Memory, Images, And Video

Nowadays, there are many different ways to capture your memories and preserve them forever. 

As such, those images are really going to stand out—not just in the immediate future, but also for years down the line.

When you take this into account, are jeans really the image you want to look back on?

The truth is that you’ll probably eventually wish you had made the event more sophisticated and romantic than that. So hey—you may as well shoot for what you actually want! 

4. There’s A Certain Amount Of Pride Involved In The Tradition

A wedding isn’t just a ceremony that involves the marriage of two people. 

It’s also a sacred, traditional institution that holds a lot of meaning for the families—and even for the greater community as well.

As such, it can be said that we all have a responsibility to do our very best to make this occasion a truly great event.

And even though it may seem ‘stuffy’ at times, the formality is also a salute to the importance of the concepts of family, commitment, and tradition.

Speaking of commitment…

5. Looking Your Best Displays Your Commitment 

Yes, a wedding is a community event, and in a sense an ordeal — one that involves the whole family. 

But bringing it back to the baseline, it’s also about you, your future husband, and your commitment to each other.

This is a pretty big deal. 

And when you think about it in those terms, it definitely makes sense that you’d want to start this commitment out on the best possible foundation.

Dressing your best, with you in a beautiful gown and him in a handsome tuxedo, really sets the tone for a successful expression of this important commitment.

In Conclusion 

There you have it. 

5 reasons for why your groom should wear a tuxedo (and not jeans) on your wedding day.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you and given you a little bit of extra food for thought. 

Of course, this is your wedding day. So the two of you get to make all of those big choices together as a couple. 

Need some help planning out the details? 

Stop in at MK Bridal anytime. 

We’d love to help you pick out the perfect gown and prepare for your special day.

And if your man needs a locally-sourced tuxedo for the occasion—consider checking out the pros over at Karl’s Tuxedos!

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As a bride-to-be, you’re probably full of ideas for how you’d like to plan your wedding. 

And if it’s scheduled to take place in July, then you may be asking yourself:

“Should I consider using the colors red, white, and blue, and integrating them into my wedding decor?”

This is a great question. 

For this time of the year, our patriotic colors can be a fantastic way to add some depth and direction to your wedding theme. 

However, it isn’t always so easy to figure out how to incorporate them for maximum effect. 

See, the thing about a red, white, and blue color combination is that it can threaten to be really bold

In fact, it can actually end up being a bit too bold. 

So in this post, we’re going to explore some simple patriotic wedding-themed ideas to help you incorporate these colors without going overboard. 

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Honor Your Family’s Heritage

If you and/or your husband-to-be come from a military, police officer, or fire-fighter family—then you know that these colors probably mean a lot to all of you. 

In fact, this might be the number-one reason for why a family would want to use this particular color scheme in their wedding decor. 

So with this taken into account, think to yourself:

“How can I honor my family’s patriotic heritage while still staying true to other desires I have for my wedding?” 

For example—how can you weave these things together while still making your wedding elegant, luxurious, and/or traditional?

Keeping this question in the forefront of your mind can do a lot to help you overcome the tendency to ‘drift away’ from the most important area of focus…

Honoring your family’s legacy without compromising on how you want your ‘special day’ to look and feel. 

2. Combine Them with an ‘Old-Fashioned Summer’ Theme

One fairly common way to integrate red, white, and blue colors into your wedding is to combine them with decor that throws back to an ‘old-fashioned country summer’ theme. 

With this option, you can even go as far as to simplify the dress code.

For example:

Instead of a black tuxedo, the groom could wear a really nice blue suit, and the bride could wear a white dress with a red ribbon around the waist. 

One of the great things about summer themes, especially when they’re combined with ‘country’ or ‘cottage’ elements, is that you can really loosen up a few of the more stringent ‘formality’ rules without sacrificing on charm. 

3. Go Vintage

Another great way to incorporate patriotic elements into your wedding decor without going too far with red, white, and blue is to focus on a vintage theme.

Think of a style that throws back to the 1950s. 

Vintage cars, Coca-Cola signs, old-time rock ‘n roll, etc.

One interesting thing about vintage decor in this time period is that a lot of it was fashionable and trendy during the post Second World War ‘high point’ of the American patriotic spirit.  

This blending of cultural historic elements with the traditional ‘old-fashioned’ way of American life can serve as a vehicle to capture a really classic romantic vibe—and this can be used extremely effectively when decorating for a wedding, especially a wedding where you’d like to incorporate some of those patriotic elements without making them seem out of place.

4. Combine ‘Old World’ Style with ‘Minimalism’ 

Old-world style is probably best described as a blend of aesthetics that exist somewhere between ‘rustic traditionalism’ and ‘rugged minimalism.’ 

Imagine getting married in a beautifully crafted, romantic, aged wood log cabin church—lit with lanterns and candles—and you’ll get a pretty accurate picture of what this style derives its core elements from

But you can weave patriotic elements into this style fairly easily (and without making them stand out too much) by choosing accent decorations that fit within that red, white, and blue color scheme. 

For example—some simple red and blue flower arrangements, situated atop white tablecloths, could be a great way to bring those colors together without straying too far from the ‘old world’ theme or distracting from the more romantic elements. 


Hopefully, this post has helped to inspire just a little bit of creativity in helping you to figure out how you might be able to incorporate some of these patriotic color schemes into your own special day. 

Obviously, we’ve only scratched the surface of the many possibilities at your disposal. 

Do you need some help deciding on a dress? 

Would you like to bounce some wedding decor ideas around with people who literally help to plan these types of events every day? 

Feel free to stop by or give us a call.

We’d love to chat, hang out, and talk about your amazing wedding ideas!

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If you’ve either attended or taken part in a significant number of weddings in your life, then you’ve probably become aware of the fact that June is a very popular wedding month. 

Now, contrary to popular belief, June actually isn’t the most popular month to get married in.

According to the Dallas Oasis, the most popular month for weddings is actually September—which is followed by June for second place—and then comes October, which takes the third spot. 

But we’ve all heard the sound bites. 

June is the best month for weddings. 

But why? 

Well, in this post, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore. 

Let’s dive into the mystery and ask the all-important question. 

Why is June such a popular month for weddings? 

1. Examining The Origins Of The Word ‘June’ 

At first glance, we need to take the name of the month into account. 

There’s actually a lot of superstition surrounding the month of June and its relationship to love, romance, fertility, and marriage. 

The name June, in fact, is derived from the name of the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno

In Roman times, families had a firm belief that when a couple got married in the month of June, the goddess of marriage would bless their marriage with happiness forever. 

So as you can see, this isn’t necessarily a modern phenomenon. The practice of associating June with blessed wedded matrimony dates back at least as far as the ancient Roman Empire. 

But that’s just the first clue. 

2. Health, Wellness, And Sanitation

Now, let’s fast-forward through time a bit to examine life during the middle ages in Europe.

Here, we find another reason for why June may be associated with weddings, even to this day.

Back then, bathing happened much less frequently than it does in our convenient modern-day culture. 

And this was especially true during the winter. 

Back then, since it was so cold in the winter and so difficult to keep a living environment warm (and since it took so much time, effort, and energy to warm enough water for a decent bath), people rarely bathed during the winter months.

But bathing was much more commonplace during the summer months, with June really being right in the middle of the summer season.

In fact, among the poorer common folk, it was often standard practice for people to only take one bath the entire year—and June would have been the ideal month for it! 

Thus, we can see how getting married in June was perhaps the cleanest and freshest time to do so—because everyone would have likely had the opportunity to bathe in preparation.

And so, for health, wellness, and overall sanitary reasons, this would have made June an ideal time of the year to celebrate wedded matrimony.

3. Family Planning

Another reason for why June has likely become so closely associated with weddings, even in our modern western culture, is due to the practicality of family planning and how it relates to the wedding ceremony. 

For example, if a bride got married in June, and then became pregnant with her first baby soon after—that baby would go on to be born sometime in the spring. 

And there would have been a myriad of benefits to such a timeline in terms of family planning, safety, and survivability. 

For many reasons, spring would have been an ideal time for the birth of a baby. This was especially true 200 to 300 years ago, before our society possessed many of the modern technologies and conveniences that we enjoy today. 

In the spring, the weather is milder. Thus, there’s less danger of harsh, cold weather negatively affecting the baby’s health and development.

Plus, with harvest time right around the corner in the fall, this really sets the child up for the greatest potential odds for health, wellness, and survival during the early stages of life. 

And so, we can see that even dating back just a few hundred years, there’s a very practical application for associating June with being a great time for marriage and starting a family. 


Hopefully, you found this post interesting. 

History is always fascinating to explore! 

And it’s obvious that the tradition of the ‘June wedding’ is steeped deeply in history, tradition, folklore, and even superstition. 

Are you thinking about planning your own June wedding?

If so, make sure to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you get a head-start on the wedding planning process!